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Acasa Externe MONSTRUL DIN ADÂNCURI: Au dat nas în nas cu cel mai mare rechin (VIDEO)

MONSTRUL DIN ADÂNCURI: Au dat nas în nas cu cel mai mare rechin (VIDEO)

Un articol de: Stirescu.ro - 21 Ian 2019, 21:31

Cel mai mare rechin filmat vreodată a fost surprins de scafandri în urmă cu câteva zile în largul insulelor Hawaii.

Un grup de cercetători filmau rechini tigru, care se hrăneau din leşul unei balene, când în mod neaşteptat, “Marele Alb”le-a apărut în cale.


Scafandrii şi-au permis luxul de a înota alături de formidabilul prădător care cântăreşte peste 2,5 tone.

Imaginile desprinse parcă din filmele lui Steven Spielberg au fost publicate pe reţelele de socializare şi au devenit în scurt timp virale.

O întâlnire cu un mare rechin alb (Carcharodon carcharias) în Hawaii este un eveniment rar, deoarece apele din această zonă sunt prea calde pentru gustul lor.



I woke up today to an uglier world. A world where I lost faith in people. So rarely does sharing my imagery bring me sorrow. A number of days ago I shared the discovery that Deep Blue, a rather charismatic and large female great white shark, had been documented roaming our waters. It’s huge, in my small little world so focused on the ocean. I’ve been to Guadalupe and heard the legend of Deep Blue, Reina del mar, but to see her here in our waters and to document her feeding... I thought it was a once in a lifetime chance. Since then I know sometimes we can get second chances at amazing things. I’ve been ecstatic at the global support and outreach from scientists and fans. To collaborate and participate in disseminating new knowledge and help connect dots that support papers has been the greatest honor. To be able to share this experience with the world, to see people take interest and care enough to take action, that’s really what it’s about isn’t it? Unfortunately instead of the joy that I expected from these photographs and videos I’ve seen a world that has lost sight of the real priority. Instead of concentrating on the beautiful miracle and documentation of two previously unheard of and new to the world female white sharks of reproductive size, we bicker and fight amongst ourselves. Instead of honoring this beautiful and sacred natural event we desecrate the body. I am heartbroken to see the treatment of the palaoa (sperm whale) by multiple members of our dive community. I urge everyone to take a step away from the media and not feed into the sensationalism. I urge you to continue reading and learning about these beautiful creatures, there are already papers out about the presence of these ocean greats in our waters. I hope one day that the identification of these new sharks leads to more discoveries and insights into their behavior. I urge you to respect and honor this occasion, not turn it into a circus, uphold dignity and respect for the passing of an ocean giant. Most of all I urge you to care, to continue to take actions to protect our planet. Take small steps towards a bigger goal, and to cherish this special event we have been lucky enough to witness.

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